Still an Italian engineering history

SERRMAC INTERNATIONAL srl acquired the 100% of the Serrmac spa property and it carries on with its activity in the historical plant located in Polcenigo – Pordenone. 
The range of products, the technical workforce, the production capacities of the plant have remained the same and the new owner is willing to invest in order to make the company grown in terms of production volume as well as in the development of new models.

The word international
means the strong international vocation and the willingness to expand and to grow also abroad keeping at the same time its identity and its headquarter in Italy.

In the plant of Polcenigo in fact, the entire production cycle takes place, especially the most important precision mechanical processing, adjustments, painting, assembling, testing and final tests. The warehouse of materials which is completely automated, with 2.000 workstations and the capacity of handling more than 20.000 items, allows to handle the
materials in a precise and quick way especially the spare parts
which are available in a very short time.

The after sales service which includes the technical assistance and the supply of spare parts and manuals even of drills which have been sold for years, is one of our power points.
The three years of warranty which are granted for all of our products, confirm their reliability across time and the quality provided by Serrmac. 

The range of drills and tappers which you can see in our catalogue, is very wide and includes: column drilling machines, drilling milling machines, tapping machines, automatic multi-head machines. Each of them offers a high degree of working flexibility and a high productivity. 

Thanks to the know-how achieved in over 40 years of activity in the area of machine tools, drills- tappers machining centres and an internal technical office dedicated to the research and development as well as to the mechanical, electronical and software planning and design, Serrmac International aims at being also a partner able to study and to implement drilling and tapping stations which are completely automated and served by loading and unloading equipment.

The company, whose headquarter is located in Polcenigo, province of Pordenone, covers an area of 4.500 mq and has more than 15 specialized employees. It represents a reality of manufacturing excellence, really important for the territory. A large number of suppliers of raw materials and manufacturing processes strictly connected to the production cycle, complete the production organization.

In our well-equipped show-room you will find drills of any type available to be tested as well as to be used for training courses for Customers, Agents and Technicians.

In our finished product warehouse, you will always find drills of any type ready to be sold.

In our web site, you can find the list of drills ready to be delivered.
The Serrmac brand is leader in Italy. It is one of the principal European producer and the only one or one of the few, which could boast a technical and production organization completely developed within itself.

Serrmac has a production capacity of more than 3.000 items a year with more than 25 different models available. Every model is highly industrialized thanks to the investments done in machines and specific equipment. Reliability, sensibility, flexibility, technical analyses, and shortly delivery time are all elements which have made possible for Serrmac to become leader of the market.